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Attention Dental Specialists:

Learn how our AI-driven patient acquisition system will skyrocket your revenue up to 150% in just 90 days

Stop the slow patient flow: turbocharge your practice income with GrowPractice.io

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Our custom-built patient acquisition system boosts your practice’s revenues up to 150% rapidly, without the hassle…

Give us 90 days. Within the first 30-60 days, we’ll design and deliver a tailor-made solution that structures away the risks and points of failure in your lead capture and nurture process. After that, we analyze, tweak and manage your infrastructure to scale, ensuring optimal patient-service fit at every stage. The goal is at least 10 new high-value patients within 12 weeks and a resulting 150% increase in revenues.

Your new patient acquisition and growth system is designed for exponentially growing your practice revenues from $75k per month to $250k per month or more. 

But it’s not just more patient leads or foggy SEO or out of touch practice consultant zoom calls. 

Our AI-powered approach focuses on attracting patients who are the perfect match for your unique services, considering factors like clinical appropriateness, patient preferences, accessibility, cultural competence, and quality of life improvements.

The GrowPractice.io system is designed to remove the problems that threaten your practice with failure by optimizing patient-service fit and building a loyal patient base that trusts and appreciates your unique value proposition.

Turbocharge your practice revenue in record time with GrowPractice.io’s AI-powered patient acquisition system – your ultimate shortcut to growing a practice that delivers exceptional outcomes and patient satisfaction!

We’re not the cheapest. We don’t work with everyone. But when you do work with us, you get a patient acquisition infrastructure specifically built for YOUR practice, ensuring that the right patients are matched with your expertise and care philosophy.

CASE STUDY: A 20% Booking rate on 48-hour leads within one week using our AI gpt sales robot

A client of our JV partner in the UK sent approximately 320 leads which were 48 hours old. These leads were distressed and being harassed by creditors and had stopped responding to phone calls. 

Within one week clients received approximately 75 booked calls out of which about 12 became clients with a total value of approximately £40,000. That’s a 20% appt booking rate and a 16% closing rate.

See what an AI-Powered Sales Robot can do for your dormant contacts and leads


Birchstone Media’s comprehensive client and patient acquisition services are for specialty dentists looking to revenues their practices above $1m per year.

When you become a VIP client you get the best in class team and a custom built business growth infrastructure designed to sale your practice 10x or more.